What are the Top Benefits of Hiring A Facilities Management Company?

Posted: 10/7/20

  To answer the question quickly, it is all about taking stress away from you as a commercial business operator or property owner. When it comes to repairing and maintaining services, it is extremely helpful to have a company that tends to the tasks of upkeeping the common place areas like parking lots, bathrooms, warehouses, and storerooms. If you are already convinced that you need a contractor for your next commercial project, then head over to our post Five Tips For Hiring The Right Facilities General Contractor. In this post we go over the different benefits of hiring a company like Ideal Services NW for commercial plumbing, electrical, and handyman projects around your business. These are all things that will help you excel instead of stress, create instead of break, and continue to serve your clients and customers with great facilities that they will want to continue coming back to. So let’s dive in!

1. It Looks Good!

When you have professionals come to your business that are there to fix a problem; employees, customers, and clients notice that you as an operator or owner are someone who cares about the space. Apart from the visual representation of a capable man or woman showing up to fix that problem, the actual fix may increase your facilities look overall. You may think no one notices the small graffiti in the back or the spall damage in the warehouse, but they do! Some operators and owners can put these tasks off for months until they mount up to be a huge hairball of problems that can create a bad experience for customers and clients and possibly even danger that brings us to our next point.

2. A protection against litigation

You may be in violation of some problem that you didn’t even know you had. Facility Maintenance companies like Ideal Services NW are professionals who have eyes like hawks for things that can protect you in cases such as these. For example, if one of our electricians saw exposed wires on one of your panels and they were there to change a ballast, then our training would to be to make it known to you and possibly take care of it right then and there. The litigation part of this benefit is based on things like knowing the laws and rules. Hiring someone who has experience in things like ADA (Americas with Disabilities Act) guidelines and rules, Asphalt and Concrete laying and pouring standards, and basic ability to recognize danger is an essential part of why hiring a great facilities maintenance contractor can help you manage your projects.

3. Increases return visitors

Have you ever thought about why you go back to your local supermarket or supply store? Is it because they have what you need and they are in close proximity to where you are? Yes probably, that and the places you go have a reputation to uphold as a business. They, like you hire people like us to manage the things behind the scenes so that they can keep that reputation; Things like keeping the lights working, making sure workers feel safe walking to their cars by installing parking lot lighting, and making sure your business has working bathroom facilities for people to use. Increasing return visitors is an added benefit of hiring a business like Ideal, and you can achieve it easily by hiring us for your next handyman, plumbing, or electrical project!

4. It keeps your employees happy

Keeping moral high is one of the most overlooked benefits of hiring a facility maintenance provider. You as a business owner or operator have many people that rely on you already, and when they need things working to do their job, making sure they have working and running facilities is a duty that you can not discount. Adequate lighting, safe warehouse spaces, and proper security are all things that you can achieve by hiring a quality service provider.

5. It Keeps your technology up to date

Remember in benefit #2 how we talked about litigation and our electrician noticing the exposed wires? Well say those exposed wires were because of the negligence of a past electrician who rather than replacing the outdated piece of equipment, they instead just put together a hack job and called it good. Hiring the right facility maintenance electrician for something like this allows you to have working products that keep your business working. If you don’t need new then we can retrofit, It is all about keeping your facilities properly maintained so that you don’t have problems like these.

6. Find problems that you didn’t know you had and having someone there to fix them.

Have you ever heard that famous quote about looking outside of the box? The benefit of fixing problems is a given when it comes to hiring a facilities maintenance provider, however, finding the problems that you didn’t know you had can take a trained eye and that is exactly what a good service provider will give you. Noticing the problem is only part of the solution though, we can call our office team and usually get a quote right there to help you with your problem should it be necessary. This is a very important benefit, and we can’t wait to be your extra set of eyes on your next project.

7. Reduce your stress

We all recall our doctor, wife, husband, or friend telling us that we are stressing too much. The problems you have as a facility owner/operator can be trivial, annoying, and difficult. You owe it to your health to have someone take care of them. Clogged toilets, hire Ideal. Leaking water heater, call Ideal. Installing curbing because someone ran into your store, call Ideal! We offer support for you and will continue to do so if you need it! Our fast and easy service request channel goes straight to our team and allows us to tend to the problems you have. No more stress for you!

We hope that you learned something from this post about the benefits of hiring a facility maintenance provider. The conclusion is that being an owner and operator can be difficult and the solution to your problem can be as easy as dialing (253) 475-8884